molon-labe-AR15Greetings! And welcome to the Musings of a North American Sheepdog, my own little slice of the Internet where I write gun and gear reviews, discuss news and politics, and spread a little of my off- humor now and again.

So a little about myself; I am an avid supporter of the 2nd Amendment and fan of shooting sports, tactical gear, and all around range time. I am the husband of an outstanding wife who often rolls her eyes at my hobbies, but is tolerant of my interests even though it means sometimes spending the entire day at the range with the guys. My political ideologies tend to independent Libertarian because I prefer to assess all the information and formulate my own opinion, vice being told what to think from the Ministry of Propaganda (i.e. news agencies).


In addition, I am also a former Army combat veteran (OIF ’03). I served in the military for eight years (’98-’06) throughout the world to include stations in Georgia (twice), Korea, Texas, and Arizona. I have served three tours in Iraq, and three in Afghanistan, for a combination of over three years in total overseas service. It has been the distinct honor of my life to serve with some of the greatest individuals and units in our armed forces – and those whom have worn or wear the uniform will continue to have my respect.

Today My hope is that by promoting my views; thoughts, and information here, it will inform as many as possible to postulate their own opinions and begin asking serious questions not only about our country, but about their own lives as well.


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