Syrians at the Gate, and ISIL Among Them

11999043_10205078046734977_1049628105874281741_nSo as we all watch the flood of refugees fleeing war-torn Syria, the media has done a very good job of framing the “humanity” of the situation but predictably turned a blind eye to the harsher realities of what is happening. Countries like Hungry, a traditionally Christian-based nation, may in fact be right in taking a harsh-line approach to the waves of Muslim “civilians” seeking passage into Europe. If Western Europe and the United States aren’t careful, within less then ten years we may be facing transitional cultural and terrorist impacts the likes of which we have never seen before.

At this point we’ve all seen the newsreels of the 3 million+ refugees fleeing Syria; women weeping and wide-eyed children forced to endure the arduous trip across the waters into Hungary. (Martinez) Then because that nation wanted to treat the issue more as an invasion than a refugee crisis, evade police in an attempt to walk over 100 miles through Hungary and into more liberal European nations. (European University Institute) Not only does it make for good TV, focusing the mass exodus on women and children frames the issue specifically as a humanitarian one. Case in point the death of 3 year-old Alyan Kurdi whose lifeless body washed up on the beach and was splashed across international media outlets. But look beyond the front-line footage and you’ll see the real underlying issue, and why Hungry PF_15.04.02_ProjectionsOverview_populationChange_310pxhas every right to treat these immigrants as hostile. (Feher and Moffett) Amongst the fleeing masses, women and children only make up a small part, less than 20% by my estimates. A majority of those relocating are men traveling alone between the ages of 18 and 45 – what those in the military and intelligence circles would term Military Aged Males (MAM). These MAMs are undocumented just like everyone else, traveling often with merely the clothes on their backs or small packs. So clearly and logically they intend to link up with other individuals or groups once they have made entry into Europe. And among these MAMs are almost certainly elements of the Islamic State (ISIL). (Hayward) Terrorists looking to infiltrate the refugees, make entry, and then either establish their own terror networks or conduct individual operations. (Corombos) And all of this goes without so much as a blink of the media’s “critical” eye. Indeed ISIL (sometimes confused with its smaller sub-element specific to Iraq ISIS) has already stated it has done just that, and plans widespread terror attacks focused on European nations and the US. (Brown) (The New Observer) Yet despite all this, political leaders in the midst of reelection cycles or thinking about the potential for future voters are more than willing to throw open their immigration doors and allow between 10 and 30 thousand undocumented refugees into their respective nations. Even President Obama has stated the US will accept up to 20 thousand Syrian refugees with the possibility of more later on.

It’s not just the immediate threat of these refugees that is concerning, but the longer ramifications of it that causes folks like myself that specialize in critical thinking so much concern. Europe, despite being often so willing to show its “hospitality” in
accepting foreign refugees, is also well known for socially isolating immigrants deemed as “outsiders”. Many nations have established “Islamic Zones” where housing is specifically only for immigrants, and local laws established by immigrants in these areas supersede host-nation laws. This practice was one of the primary contributing factors to the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks in France. (MilSpecIA) It enables sympathetic terror elements to whisper to the disenfranchised masses, people who are left impoverish and destitute that jihad is the only viable way, and that radical Islam is the path to paradise960x540 in the next life. So despite all those fleeing conflict in Syria, how many in five years will become tired of being poor, feeling isolated and suppressed in a foreign land. A land of predominantly Christian values whereas Muslims will not, and indeed per the Quran, cannot convert. The clash of cultures is almost inevitable. Throw in the fact that many post-industrial nations of Europe are at a fertility ration between 1.1 and 1.3 that illustrate either decline or almost irreversible failure. (Akkoc) Oppositely, refugees from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other Arab nations have a fertility ratio closer to between 3 and 8. (Hackett and Lipka) Meaning, in as little as a decade some Europeans may in fact become the minority in their own countries while elected elements and portions of the military will have transitioned to predominantly a Muslim majority simply through the process of sheer population numbers. Nations like Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Germany may transition from their historic once Christian-based societies into Arab ones.

So don’t be so quick to fall for the media’s biased and slanted presentation of the Arab refugees streaming into Europe. There is a very real reason many fellow Arab nations want nothing to do with these people and have shuttered their doors almost as much as Hungary. Hungary may in fact have the right approach to this and be justified in treating all these undocumented people as hostile. Because if they aren’t terrorists now, in the future a good percentage may be sympathetic or worse, transitioning their host-governments to far more radical directions based on Islamic teachings.

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