My Thoughts on Ferguson: Prepare for a Shit Storm II

Last night a number of social media posts were made from various groups and individuals that stress the mounting tensions developing ahead of the Grand Jury decision. It included Twitter posts by ‘RbG Black Rebels’ which asserts it is a Political Action Group and Urban Militia. The messages reported to show purchases of 7.62 (heavy rifle) and 9mm (handgun) ammunition along with laced rants indirectly threatening the police and ending with the hashtag “Ftp”. The account has since been suspended. (Gateway Pundit)

rbg-stockpileLocal news outlets ran stories on gun stores in the Ferguson area reporting a three times increase in sales, specifically home defense shotguns as people are increasingly told they will need to be prepared to shelter in their homes for several days without aid. (Kravarik and Sidner) On the opposite end businesses in Ferguson have started boarding up their windows (those that took them down to begin with) as if preparing for a hurricane. (Fox2News) And lastly, the KKK took time to emerge from whatever rock they were hiding under ling enough to post a flyer specifically aimed at what they deem “terrorists” violating the law. (Speri) The group felt so embolden that they left flyers (in the dark of night no less) at various neighborhoods and apartment complexes where they offered their “protection services”. This wasn’t the first time the group has gotten involved with the Ferguson issue, and will likely prove just as empty.

the-kkk-is-pledging-lethal-force-against-ferguson-protesters-body-image-1415900011Meanwhile, as first mentioned in my initial segment on this issue, another town disseminated flyers this week warning residents to be prepared in anticipated of protests. In the neighboring city of Berkeley, residents have been sent a flyer warning them to stockpile enough supplies as if anticipating a major storm. (Sells) These include water, food, medicine but oddly omit any mention of personal security (such as a firearm) to defend self and family if you are holed up in your house. I guess they’re hoping not many residents are aware of Missouri’s Castle Law. This is a fallacy of course given that in the last few months the number of CCW permits in the area has exploded and gun sales are up almost 300% in some places. (Killeen)

berkeley-flyerAll indicators into the growing level of anxiety in a city that was historically peaceful (unless you lived in north STL in which case there were almost nightly murders that largely went ignored by the black community up until the Michael Brown incident – and still do). Naturally the politicians and law enforcement officials have come out with community leaders pleading for peace, but since protestors have already openly stated that regardless of the decision, they plan on mobilizing in downtown Clayton to shut it down, a decision by the Grand Jury is almost academic at this point. People have decided on their courses of action and question will be if police can maintain order (and good composure) or shit goes south and it turns ugly.



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So basically for a variety of reasons, I’ve been rather quiet as of late. Work has been busy, the wife and I have been even busier, and there frankly has been little time in the evenings for me to work on writings. But with the looming decision by the Grand Jury on the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson expected soon, the indicators are all starting to coalesce into a single narrative: prepare for a shit storm the likes of which Saint Louis has never seen.

53eb5c60e0b26.preview-620 “Peaceful” protestors on the second night of rioting

I live in the Saint Louis area, and one thing I have learned in observing all this has been that while the underlying tragedy of Michael Brown’s death is unfortunate, the facts of the situation matter little to those whom have approached the entire event with their own objectives. But what has really been…

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