My Thoughts on Ferguson: Prepare for a Shit Storm

So basically for a variety of reasons, I’ve been rather quiet as of late. Work has been busy, the wife and I have been even busier, and there frankly has been little time in the evenings for me to work on writings. But with the looming decision by the Grand Jury on the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson expected soon, the indicators are all starting to coalesce into a single narrative: prepare for a shit storm the likes of which Saint Louis has never seen.


“Peaceful” protestors on the second night of rioting

I live in the Saint Louis area, and one thing I have learned in observing all this has been that while the underlying tragedy of Michael Brown’s death is unfortunate, the facts of the situation matter little to those whom have approached the entire event with their own objectives. But what has really been surprising by all this is how quickly our own 2A crowd had various leaders and advocates so quickly jump on the anti-LEO bandwagon, often having never set foot into the local area or appreciate the situation on the ground was vastly different than what was reported via a biased media. A lot of things happened locally that was either never reported because it risked the narrative that the protestors were “innocent victims” being suppressed by militarized law enforcement. But by the second day, the protestors in Ferguson were anything but peaceful, and the outlet for their misguided rage was to loot and destroy a community that WAS on the rebound in a historically economically depressed area. They fired live ammunition at police randomly and hurled Molotov cocktails at police lines. All the while the law enforcement community bore the brunt and used riot gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds. Now local businesses struggle to stay open, as they are too afraid to remove boarded up windows after continual looting. (Ellis)

Now fast forward several months.

10544407_10205215611249188_3530498950373318511_nElements of the New Black Panthers Party (NBPP) have moved into the Ferguson area; advocating that unless Officer Wilson is indicted, they will ““kill police officers and other white people” (Wilber). Former NBPP leader Malik Zulu Shabazz, who has been in the area since the shooting, called for a full “rebellion” following local visits by Al Sharpton saying to stand up against America’s “…wicked world order. We have as much right to rebel against America society as America did against the British”. (Key) So much tension and hype has poured into Michael Brown supporters that their hatred and paranoia recently caused them to turn on one of their own as the groups leaders have lost control of the various influences within their own party. (Diffin) Never mind that the victim was white and all the attackers were black, or that they blindly attacked the man simply for the suspicion he was an undercover cop.


Ferguson protestor demands to police in lieu of confrontations

But not deterred, the “Hands Up Coalition”, which has been described as some of the most eclectic group of Marxists, anarchists, and ne’re-do-wells, took time to publish their listed “Rules of Engagement” to local authorities. The list includes some of the most ridiculous demands of law enforcement imaginable, but it all comes down to the fact these groups feel they have the “right” to lash out and conduct a variety of crimes regardless of the findings. Meanwhile the mother of Michael Brown is now facing felony charges following an exchange where she and several others assaulted another family member for selling shirts with the likeness of Michael Brown on them. (Weinreich) Into the mix have also been self-proclaimed “American” Muslims, such as the frequent radical Umar Lee who once advocated beheading his critics. Lee was previously arrested in September at the start of the Ferguson unrest and frequently utilizes his access to social media to advocate violence against police and “non-believers”. While he will frequently delete his threats, thankfully nothing on the Internet really goes away.

And these external groups gathering in Saint Louis aren’t the least of it. The faceless collective of global computer hackers known as “Anonymous” have hijacked local governance systems several times stating that they know Officer Wilson will not be indicted, and disseminated call for worldwide protesters, anarchists, and criminals to decend on Ferguson and amass there prior to the Grand Jury announcement. (Fox2Now) In previous events protestors, dissidents, and outright members of the American Communist movement came to Ferguson from as far away as Florida and Washington to “lend their support”.


Possible statement by ‘Anonymous’?

Meanwhile local authorities have been quietly preparing, purchasing hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional equipment to include riot gas, non-lethal ammunition, body armor, and training. (Swaine) (Huffington Post) Regional city leaders have only now begun to prepare (although there is some doubt weather politicians have any real intent to do anything but stand idly by as they did the first time) disseminating leaflets and mailings to residents instructing them that they need to have a plan. (Bosman and Davey) Fact is when the Grand Jury decision is made it won’t matter that findings. There will be elements that won’t be happy regardless, and will use the fallout as a cover to conduct various otherwise illegal actions. The police likewise have been sending out information that residents of Ferguson and the surrounding areas should expect severely delay in response times, if none at all, if things get bad. It only stands to reason that if all the police are tied up trying to keep the violence and destruction contained, then there will be few resources left for day-to-day calls. For all intents and purposes, if indeed the comparison is to be made between Ferguson and the LA Riots following the Rodney King trial, and then large swaths of citizens will frankly be on their own. (Brown)

Memos citculated to residents in Clayton

Memos citculated to residents in Clayton

So as the communities surrounding Ferguson breathe deep in anticipation, one thing is certain – the fallout from the Grand Jury decision will likely predicate rioting on a scale not previously experienced by the citizens of the greater Saint Louis area. The question will be at what level law enforcement will tolerate the rioting, or will they stand idly by as they did for a majority of the first time because their leaders deemed it “acceptable” that some level of lawlessness be permitted. Meanwhile the rest of the city is at greater risk should the violence reach out from a confined area and began exporting their hate and misguided sense of “justice” to other innocent communities. Ferguson is likely already a lost cause, and the economic and social damage is far beyond repair. At this point the best anyone in the area can hope for is ample enough time to get clear before the shit storm makes landfall.

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10 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Ferguson: Prepare for a Shit Storm

    • Arlin
      Thanks. I was going to write something when this all started, but very quickly from the start people pushed aside facts and evidence in place of their preconceived notions/opinions. Including unfounded claims of racism or over-reaction by a militarized police force. It was all bile and did nothing but cloud the truth. That’s why I say it doesn’t matter what the decision is, because there will be many who have already determined their actions regardless of the facts.

      • I’ve written several pieces on Ferguson (I am from Fenton), am in the middle of one now. Problem is its difficult, when attitudes don’t change, you feel like you just keep repeating yourself. Like your talking to a mirror or yourself.

  1. Somehow I just can’t understand the rioters. If it’s a riot they want…why not give them the United States Army? Fully loaded and ready for bear? If you can’t live within the law, you’re outside of the law, and that only makes sense that the other side should be outside the law when dealing with you. Cruel, but hey… the law wasn’t the ones that started this!

    • D. Radio
      I don’t think we’re at the point the military needs to be in play. Besides there are federal laws that prohibit the deployment of main active duty military on US soil. That’s why we have the National Guard so they can support domestic issues. But I’m sure the local police, Sheriff’s Office, SWAT, and Highway Patrol can handle it given the equipment they have at their disposal. Question will be if their leaders can recognize when to use kid gloves, or go full bore. If the National Guard gets involved then you know police are close to losing control of the situation, and like I wrote then most citizens outside those affected areas will be without first responders. Seems like a prime opportunity for thugs to export their trade in other areas. Guess that’s why local gun stores are reporting over 100% increase in legal sales…

      • That was pretty much my point…only done a little over the top. I think we’re pretty much in agreement on this one…only I think the National Guard, the SWAT team, whomever is charged should basically tell the people firmly to follow the law. If they don’t…gloves go off. Ah, but that’s not my call…and I’m kinda glad it isn’t. I hope everything works out there. I really do. I don’t want to see anybody hurt for any reason!

  2. Reblogged this on Musings of a North American Sheepdog and commented:

    Last night a number of social media posts were made from various groups and individuals that stress the mounting tensions developing ahead of the Grand Jury decision. It included Twitter posts by ‘RbG Black Rebels’ which asserts it is a Political Action Group and Urban Militia. The messages reported to show purchases of 7.62 (heavy rifle) and 9mm (handgun) ammunition along with laced rants indirectly threatening the police and ending with the hashtag “Ftp”. The account has since been suspended.
    Local news outlets ran stories on gun stores in the Ferguson area reporting a three times increase in sales, specifically home defense shotguns as people are increasingly told they will need to be prepared to shelter in their homes for several days without aid. On the opposite end businesses in Ferguson have started boarding up their windows (those that took them down to begin with) as if preparing for a hurricane. And lastly, the KKK took time to emerge from whatever rock they were hiding under ling enough to post a flyer specifically aimed at what they deem “terrorists” violating the law.

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