The Next Evolution of the ‘Knockout Game’?

So previously I had written on the advent of the knockout game in 2013. Basically targeted assault of an unsuspecting individual in the hopes of a “one punch knockout”. Unfortunately, it would seem that since then, the concept of the game has now evolved into mob-style assaults targeting people along largely racial lines.

Video showed in September a rampaging mob attacking people indiscriminately in the parking lot of a Kroger supermarket in Memphis, Tennessee. A bag boy saw the advancing crowd and sought shelter. The first punch came without warning. He was knocked to the ground. Then came another and the boy collapsed. But the angry mob would not let up. They slammed pumpkins into the boy’s battered body. The boy lost consciousness.

As the boy lay helpless on the ground, one of the predators hovered over his prey — kicking the bag boy’s body. Again. And again. And again. And again. Every single gut-wrenching kick was captured on a cell phone video that has since gone viral. “Hold on, they got a white dude,” the person filming said. The “white dude” is Mark Sauser’s son. He’s a 17-year-old honor roll student at a prominent Catholic high school. And he came very close to losing his life last weekend. Memphis police say as many as 125 teenagers were involved in last Saturday’s melee — that left two other people injured. Authorities believe the young thugs were playing a game called “point them out, knock them out.”


Man and woman beaten in Springfield, MO on September 5th by five black men while walking home.

The aftermath of the attack has generated outrage across Memphis — and to some extent the nation. Many have suggested what happened in the Kroger parking lot was a hate crime. Mr. Sauser’s son is white. His attackers are black. But yet there is no large spread outcry against his attackers, the NAACP did not rush to represent the victim. Instead, the violent attack is spun as commentary on lacking social family settings. Not the fact that these juveniles almost killed a young man.

Folks this demonstrates that, following the fallout in Ferguson, these cases of extreme profiling are increasing and becoming more violent. First it was one on one, then several watched while one attacked. Now it’s entire groups just out to unleash their rage and kill for some misconceived notion of “justice” deserved to them. When people like that are allowed to reenforce themselves with one another then it typically boils over. Keep your situational awareness up, keep in mind your risk assessments, and know how to defend yourself if you needed with proper training.

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