Springfield XD (M) 5” Competition Model in 9mm


  • Caliber: 9mm, 40S&W, or .45 ACP
  • Frame material: Polymer
  • Slide material: Milled Melonite or Stainless steel
  • Barrel length: 5.25” match grade steel
  • Hammer: Striker
  • Sights: Fully adjustable rear, fiber optic front
  • Trigger: Minimal reset match-grade trigger
  • Recoil System: Short recoil operated
  • Capacity: 19+1 (9mm), 16+1 (40S&W), 13+1 (45ACP)
  • Weight: 32 oz.
  • Overall length: 8.3”
  • Overall height: 5.75”
  • Other Features: Interchangeable back strap, aggressive grasp slide serrations, chamber indicator
  • MSRP: $795-$895

Thoughts: In 2007, Springfield Armory introduced the new XD (M). It was intended to serve as follow-on to the success of the XD, but offer a match-grade barrel and trigger (which is where the ‘M’ comes from). The XD (M) provides an ergonomic feel in a polymer platform, with multiple interchangeable back straps, that can be tailored to fit any particular hand. It even shares the same grip angle as the standard XD and the 1911. Aggressive frame texturing and grasp slide serrations aid in keeping the XD (M) in your hand despite sweat and/or debris.

Features include a basic list of safety features shared with its predecessor the XD. The Striker Status Indicator and Loaded Chamber Indicator give the shooter instant tactile and visual feedback to know if there is a chambered round and if the striker is cocked. Three separate safeties are built into the design to protect against accidental discharges; (1) the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System prevents unintentional rearward movement of the trigger, (2) the grip safety keeps the pistol from firing unless the shooter has a firm grasp on it, and (3) an internal firing pin block goes the extra mile to bring you a pistol fully designed with safety in mind.

The XD (M) comes standard with an accessory rail for maximum flexibility. The ambidextrous magazine release provides fast reloading access regardless of hand size or preference. The low profile combat sights give a clear sight picture. And with the barrel coated in Melonite and stainless steel, longevity is ensured far further than contemporary models. And when it’s time to clean your XD (M), it can be field stripped without pulling the trigger, which is an improvement over the XD.

The XD (M) is available in a variety of frame sizes, barrel lengths, finishes and calibers.

Pros: Overall I was initially very impressed with the XD (M); the grip and design grooves into the slide make it very easy to maintain positive contact with the pistol. Even while using my gloves I didn’t have an issue. The match grade trigger was also impressive with nearly zero play before initiating the firing pin. In addition, because of the additional milling to the upper slide of the pistol, combined with the polymer frame, the overall weight is extremely light for a full-sized handgun. The body does indeed easily disassemble making cleaning not nearly as involved as 1911s. One thing I did really appreciate is the accessories – the XD (M) comes with a waistline pistol and magazine holster, three magazines, a (quasi) speed loader, spare fiber optic parts for red or green, and the typical locks and paperwork.

Cons: Unfortunately this was where my initial impressions fell short. The recoil of the 5” XD (M), despite the milling to the slide, is extremely sharp so I found there was almost no mitigation to muzzle rise at all. The fiber optic front sight was also difficult to make out in contrast to the flush rear sight. However the biggest notable problem I have is that despite several hundred rounds of 9mm pushed through the system, it still is shooting (in my opinion) a widely and sub-par open group, suggesting either an internal component is not fitting well or that greater “break-in” period is warranted. This, combined with the overall length of the pistol, leaves me to seriously question if this version of the XD (M) could be used as a CCW without either printing or being observed just from the sheer length.

There are already hundreds of reviews on the Internet of the XD (M); so I’m sure there will be plenty of folks with their opinions, this is merely mine. While it initially shoots well, for its price point and manufacturing I think it should really be better performing. I will continue to run this and update the review as necessary.


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