Thoughts on the Fort Hood Shooting and the Progressive’s Renewed Call for Gun Control

Fort-Hood-Shooting-MapI was right for the most part. It appears SPC Lopez’s shooting spree was borne from the frustration in how his leave request was handled following his mother’s death. Here is the official US Army account of the details surrounding SPC Lopez’s shooting rampage;

Musings of a North American Sheepdog

Well…shit. It wasn’t but a scant 24 hours following the shooting on Fort Hood before Progressives began their shrill call for increased gun control measures, highlighting the politician’s mantra of “let no crisis go to waste”.

482113469On April 2nd Army SPC Ivan Lopez shot and killed three fellow soldiers and wounded at least 14 more, before taking his own life. SPC Lopez had been seen by an Army mental health professional as recently as a month prior for PTSD or combat-related stress disabilities but found to be competent for duty. As details remain under investigation, what is known is that the shooting proceeded an altercation in the unit’s motor pool where 34 year-old  SPC Lopez shot several members of his unit before proceeding to the barracks. Other members of the unit resisted, however without weapons they themselves became victims.

Investigators so far have found that SPC Lopez served in Iraq…

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