Gear Review: 230 grain .45 ACP Round Nose Copper Plated Bullet

Manufacturer: X-treme Bullets


  • 230 grain
  • Diameter 0.452
  • Copper platted

Thoughts: As a reloader, I got into this hobby to cut down on costs. But as they say, once you start reloading you’ll shoot twice as much. So begins the endless quest for shooting components – be it powder, primers, or projectiles. By sheer coincidence, I happened on X-treme Bullet’s social media site and happily received some of their projectiles from my wife for the past holidays. Unfortunately winter wouldn’t release its death-like grip in the Midwest until just recently, to the point where I could brave the temperatures in my garage and dedicate several hours to reloading. Overall their processing was unremarkable, with no flaws or defects found in any of the 500 projectiles. The sight of all those copper plated components though sure makes for a pretty sight!

Pros: The copper plated bullets can be run at mid-range jacketed velocities or higher end lead velocities so there’s really no impact to performance unless you’re reloading maximum velocities. X-treme Bullets recommends velocities from powders that provide under 1500 FPS with a light crimp. But what amazed me was the accuracy. In my 1911 Springfield Range Officer, I had a 1” diameter grouping at the point of aim with my first 20 rounds, at a distance from the gun line to the target of approximately 20 feet  – so clearly their plating and alloys are providing the best accuracy possible. Added to their production process, X-treme also includes an efficient bullet lube that enhances accuracy and minimizes barrel fouling.

As a side note: X-treme Bullets offers Hollow Points (HP) and Heavy Plate Concave Base (HPCB) projectiles that are designed for competitive shooters shooting major loads. The thicker plating and base design have enhanced the accuracy on velocities from 1250fps to 1500fps.

Cons: Aside from the fact that the X-treme bullets don’t reload themselves (which the company then established Freedom Munitions to provide complete ammunition sales) there isn’t much against their copper plated ammunition. These .45 ACP rounds I had shot without fail and far exceeded my expectations from a manufacturer outside of Speer, Hornady, or Nosler.

Overall these are great projectiles and they will defiantly be on my “buy” list from now on. It will be curious to see how X-treme Bullets are impacted as manufactures are forced to move away from lead-based ammunition, but if the military could find an alternative I’m sure civilian retailers will also find a solution. I can’t wait to try out some of their rifle calibers for my .223 and .308.


3 thoughts on “Gear Review: 230 grain .45 ACP Round Nose Copper Plated Bullet

    • Alex,
      At my public gun range I set the target at 20 feet from the firing line (I wanted to ensure functionality of the “first-time” reloads, so distance is less of a concern as opposed to it functioning correctly and checking the casings for signs of overpressure). I fired 20 rounds of 45 ACP center-mass of the target, and had a grouping of 1 inch in diameter at the point of aim. I actually had more rounds afterwards, but at this point the bullets had chewed out enough of a hole they were passing through it without touching the paper. I’ll edit the post to clarify this more. Thanks.

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