Thoughts on the Fort Hood Shooting and the Progressive’s Renewed Call for Gun Control

Well…shit. It wasn’t but a scant 24 hours following the shooting on Fort Hood before Progressives began their shrill call for increased gun control measures, highlighting the politician’s mantra of “let no crisis go to waste”.

482113469On April 2nd Army SPC Ivan Lopez shot and killed three fellow soldiers and wounded at least 14 more, before taking his own life. SPC Lopez had been seen by an Army mental health professional as recently as a month prior for PTSD or combat-related stress disabilities but found to be competent for duty. As details remain under investigation, what is known is that the shooting proceeded an altercation in the unit’s motor pool where 34 year-old  SPC Lopez shot several members of his unit before proceeding to the barracks. Other members of the unit resisted, however without weapons they themselves became victims.

Investigators so far have found that SPC Lopez served in Iraq as a member of the Transportation Corps in the closing years of Operation NEW DAWN; continually travelling along the routes frequently targeted by insurgents, was a loving father and husband, and was recently only granted a 24-hour pass to return to his family’s home in Puerto Rico to attend the funeral of his mother. He had purchased a .45 ACP pistol from Guns Galore, the same retailer 2009 terrorist and former Army officer Nidal Hasan went to for his rampage.

Yet, with investigators still combing through the evidence and victims still in medical care, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) took enough time out of his day of legislating on The Hill to make a press statement on the shooting saying,

As I was told today, this young man bought his gun a day or two before he killed these people. Couldn’t we at least have background checks so that people who are ill mentally, or who are felons, shouldn’t be able to buy guns? Even NRA members, a majority of them, support that so I hope we can bring it back up. (O’Keefe)

Reid’s comments come following the failed efforts of President Obama and his administration to revise the assault weapons ban and other gun regulations in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Yet Reid’s comments blithely overlook the glaring difference between the actions of SPC Lopez, and Hasan, or the fact that army bases are among the most secure “gun-free” zones in America with over 80% living off base and all weapons on garrison secured in the unit’s arms room.

CNN’s Chris Como pined in an April 3rd interview with former FBI assistant director Tom Fuentes about how SPC Lopez was..

Still able to walk into a private store and get this semi-automatic handgun that he winds up using, not a military issued weapon, his own. Don’t you think that’s something that needs to be addressed in terms of who’s able to get these conceal carry permits and weapons? (Meyer)

Then there is the Twitter antics of “Mom’s Demand Action” founder Shannon Watts who immediately used the Fort Hood shooting as avocation for her own personal action group and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Watts posted on April 2nd.

“90 police; 21 ambulances at yet another ‪#shooting at ‪#FortHood in ‪#Texas ‪#PrayForPatriots ‪#MomsDemand ‪#GunSense”

“Another ‪#FortHoodShooting in ‪#Texas – pray for our ‪#military ‪#patriots and their families. ‪#MomsDemand ‪#gunsense”

“When will Congress take action to end the war at home? Pray for ‪#FortHood ‪#momsdemand ‪#gunsense” (Twitchy)

Her posting was finalized in a joint statement from Mom’s Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns where she insisted,

We send our soldiers into the line of fire, but we don’t expect that battleground to be here at home, as it was again today. While we don’t know all of the facts, we do know that preventable gun deaths are a public health epidemic, and mothers across the country are more committed than ever to doing what we can to end it, once and for all. (Moms Demand Action)

Prepare YourselfLook, I understand that as the investigation unfolds, so too will more details come to light. But it just sickens me that politicians, epically Progressives, espouse their gun regulations and pious need from “gun free zones” when it is glaringly obvious they don’t work. Worse, is when they do so openly on the heels of such a tragedy using the public attention that should be focused on the victims and investigators, on themselves instead to promote their own political agenda. If anything we should remove the laws prohibiting military and federal employees from licensed  concealed carry on federal installations, and allow more on-duty personnel to carry armed like the Army did back in Vietnam where officers and staff duty NCOs carried their sidearm. Instead we have become a nation where guns are inherently vilified on news and by lawmakers as evil, and only through regulation and confiscation will we as a society be made safe. Fact of the matter is, if you’re a law-abiding citizen and express your 2nd Amendment right to carry a firearm, and receive the proper instruction on the mental and physical requirements for defensive use you are far safer than you’ll ever be. But so many sheep with glazed eyes will only see the actions of SPC Lopez as further justification on restricting the Constitutional rights of Americans.  So prepare yourselves my fellow sheepdogs and supporters of the 2nd Amendment, for all the revised talk of gun control…

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