Gear Review: MagPul Vertical Grip (MVG)

Manufacturer: MagPul Dynamics


  • Designed for use with MOE Hand Guards and Forends
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed for use as a traditional vertical grip or with “thumb break method”
  • Compatible with Bushmaster ACR hand guards
  • All mounting hardware included

Thoughts: This is one of those cheap additions that you can get for your AR that makes a world of difference. The MVG, and its later variant the Rail Vertical Grip (RVG), enable the shooter a more ergonomic platform by which to hold the weapon closer to the barrel for improved control during operation. Unlike the RVG, the MVG is intended to fit only the MOE series of MagPul hand guards and forends. Their simple yet effective and install in just minutes.

Pros: The ergonomics can’t be denied; the MVG design has enough of an oval-shape that it fits naturally in the hand while holding the grip. It’s molded material also leaves the grip hollowed, which in turns makes the MVG extremely lightweight so as not to add to the overall weight of the rifle.

Cons: The mounting hardware was slightly difficult during install. You have to thread the mounting hardware between the heat shield inside the MOE hand guard, and the top of the grip – all while aligned enough to secure. However, because of its simplicity there really isn’t much against the MVG. If perhaps there is anything negative is that Mogul sub-contracts to an overseas vendor to provide replicas of many of its products to the airsoft community. These knock-offs are of lesser quality and commonly found sold next to legitimate MagPul products making delineation between the two very difficult. Buyer beware.

Overall the MVG is a simple, cheap, and effective add-on for your AR series rifle. There is other versions of the vertical grip out there, some offer storage compartments, others change the material from polymer to aluminum or steel. But their costs are exponentially higher in cost and offer only limited improvements in function. So for what its worth, and the improvements it can provide for control of the weapon the MVG offers an accessory that not only improves performance but that anyone can afford.


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