Thoughts on Maher and Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison Against the 2nd Amendment

Bill MaherIt’s very seldom you will see just how much Progressives detest the Constitution. It’s politically unwise to pinhole your career against the foundational document of America, but also it openly announces your true intentions for “reform”. So when a ranking member of Congress appeared on March 21st’s Real Time with Bill Maher his open desire that the Democratic Party should come out against the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution because “it’s a problem” was disturbing.  The exchange, one in which Maher continues to froth at even today, proves that while many Progressives are quick to cite “common sense gun control” their true intention is the total ratification of the 2nd Amendment and to strip citizens of their right to posses firearms.

It’s no secret Maher is a staunch anti-gun advocate, stating in 2013 “the 2nd Amendment is bullshit”. (Feldman) (Poor) (Sheppard) Personally, I find his vile hatred for anything outside of his own political spectrum (not just on the 2nd Amendment) as telling in just how detestable of a human being he has become. This is made only worse by HBO allowing him to have a nationalized pulpit by which to spew his view and vilify anyone who thinks differently. So during a recent “debate” with Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, Maher accused the Democratic Party of being too similar in aspects of gun infatuation and safety as with Conservatives, offering no political differences to the public. (Johnson) (Real Clear Politics) Eventually, Maher demands,

“Why doesn’t your party come out against the Second Amendment?”

The following exchange with Rep. Ellison was both enlightening and revealing into the current mindset of the political left,

“I sure wish we would,” Ellison replies.

“Really?” Maher demands. “Because I don’t hear anybody from the Democratic Party say that. What they say is, ‘I am also a strong supporter.’”

Ellison attempts to mollify Maher saying, “You have got to check out the progressive caucus. We have come out very strong for common-sense gun safety rules.”

“Common-sense gun safety is bullshit,” Maher said, cutting in. “It means that there are 3,000 types of guns available in the U.S., and you want to ban about 200 of them.”

Ellison’s defense his position with, “What it means is, if you want to have Grandpa’s shotgun, have it. But get rid of them crazy military-style assault weapons.”

“That’s not going to change anything,” replies Maher.

Rep. Keith EllisonI’ll spare you the rest of Maher’s rant, or the fact that his views and Ellison’s largely cherry-pick statistical information or are grossly over-inflated. But suffice to say the fact that Ellison, a sitting political leader in Washington D.C., openly thinks that the 2nd Amendment should be opposed reveals no matter how much Progressives claim they just want “common sense” gun control what they fundamentally want is to repeal the 2nd Amendment. The other thing that both Maher and Ellison share is the view that this restructuring of gun rights should be first accomplished by registration, regulation, and confiscation because they both beleive “assault weapons” should not be the venue of the public. So in their “perfect world” scenario, once the Constitution was changed then a citizen’s rights to firearms should be limited to your “Grandpa’s shotgun”. Perhaps lost in all this was the panel’s token “Conservative” Sheila Bair who is the former Chairperson for the FDIC. She blithely goes along prior to this exchange chuckling and agrees with Ellison that, “I’m a Republican and I’m for gun control”. But what shows the hypocrisy of Maher and Progressive wolves like him, is that by his own admission – Maher is himself a gun owner. (Sheppard) For even many of the same reasons other citizens legally purchase a firearm! But he espouses that everyone else shouldn’t have that right and that the foundational document to the United States of America must be changed. There are wolves, and then there is worse and I think Bill Maher exemplifies what is worse because in his position he influences far too many of the sheep who are ignorant enough to listen to him and his hatred.

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