Gear Review: Patrol Incident Gear (PIG) Full Dexterity Tactical Alpha Touch Gloves

Manufacturer: SKD Tactical


  • Single Layer Multi-Piece Palm- Designed specifically so that only one layer of material contacts your shooting grip.
  • Sensitized and Isolated Trigger Finger- The thinnest available Clarion™ material available, only on the trigger finger for ultimate sensitivity.
  • Selective Forschette Material- Inside forschettes are ventilated for maximum wicking. Outer forschettes are Clarino for durability.
  • Low Profile Hook Closure- Reduces abrasion on clothing.
  • Flex Joints- Enhanced flexibility and ventilation on each finger.
  • Dual Flex Joint Trigger Finger- Providing maximum flexibility where you need it most.
  • Silver Conductive Thread- Maximum reliability for touch screen use with no loss in tactile dexterity (Alpha Touch model only).
  • Bar-Tacked Para Cord Pull Loop.
  • Short Cuff- Lightweight comfort and convenience.
  • Micro Suede Nose Wipe- Fights against cold-weather drip.
  • Ventilation holes in Palms and Fingers- Increased wicking.
  • Isolated Edge Padding- Protection without compromising the shooting grip.
  • Wrap-Over Finger Tips- Provides additional comfort and protection for fingernails.
  • Stretch Ballistic Nylon 1000D Padded Knuckles- Stretch ballistic nylon reduces pressure on the seams, thin padding takes the edge off of impacts.

Thoughts: I am personally very skeptical with gloves that claim to be the “best” in the tactical world. Fact is I’ve had a variety of them over the years (Nomex flight gloves, Mechanix, 5.11, etc) and I am excessively abusive to them between range use and while deployed overseas. My view is that if you want to hold the mantle of a tactical glove then you need to be able to withstand the abuses in such a setting and sadly not many gloves can hold up to their self-made claims. So when the PIG gloves came recommended to me I was initially leery. I got a pair of the Alpha Touch gloves as those are the most popular and hoped for the best.

Pros: Comfort wise, these gloves are perfect. A lot of attention has to be made in using their measuring system to get the correct fitting gloves, but the forschette material is amazing! These are by far the best fitting gloves I’ve come across that give the correct balance of snugness, but not constrictive enough to limit most of your dexterity. The fingertip protection is great too because typically for myself this is where most gloves will fail first. Another notable feature is the flex-joints as they give your hand the maneuverability to fully open/close on weapons and other items without stressing the material or bunching.

Cons: The first notable con I observed was the Alpha Touch system itself. The system relies on the silver conductive thread on the index finger and thumb that register on the touch screen of most smart phones. However, the threading is pretty hit of miss in maintaining sufficent positive contact which left me searching to get sufficient contact for the screen to respond. The thumb worked great, but the index finger had to really be searched for. Also, being somewhat abusive in a tactical setting I prefer hard knuckle gloves to fabric simply because of the added protection when running through underbrush, room clearing, or just working around heavy machinery. But the PIG gloves use a padded ballistic nylon over the knuckles so I question their level of protection (as I had in one incident where my hand was accidentally smashed in a hatchway and most of the crush force was protected by the molded hard knuckle portion of the gloves).

Overall I really liked these gloves in that they give you some of the most positive sensation out of the gloves I’ve ever had. There is still some minor loss in dexterity when doing the finer manipulation of items, such as ammo, but that will transpire with the use of any gloves. As of this writing the stitch has been holding up well, which surpasses the failures I had in Nomex, Mechanix, and 5.11 gloves so as time goes on if something else develops I will note it here. The paracord pull tab will be a great addition as many of the previous failures with tactical gloves came from pulling them on and off. But for the time being I think I’ve defiantly found myself a solid set of range gloves. The Alpha Touch is a nice added feature, but not one I think you’ll really need on the firing line or on deployment. In the end, I still liked these gloves so much I bought a second pair.


2 thoughts on “Gear Review: Patrol Incident Gear (PIG) Full Dexterity Tactical Alpha Touch Gloves

  1. I don’t know… Maybe it’s me, but I have never liked handling any firearm while wearing gloves. When I handled an M60, we had heat (welder’s) gloves because the barrels heated up fiercely.
    While hunting in cold weather, I always removed gloves or tried not to wear them.
    In one shooting on-duty I was wearing gloves but luckily removed them to pour coffee as the incident started. The other times, no gloves, and only a secure, positive grip with my hand. I have skin like horse hide and a powerful grip, and believe that, makes a big difference.

    • It’s each their own really. After OEF/OIF a lot of folks used gloves while utilizing their weapons because the sand, rocks, and everything else seemingly wanted to rend your flesh off the bones. Then there was shaking hands with countless locals who had God only knows. So the tactile sensation of the finger on the trigger became less important to actually having the flesh to feel with. That’s not to say some didn’t go without, but you either got used to always having cuts and abrasions, or got gloves real quick.

      Back home it’s a different story and one I find is entirely on the comfort of the user. I’ve seen guys who prefer no gloves, some who do, and even ones who go out of their way to have the padded protection of the gloves but then cut off the finger(s). What I found in these PIG gloves was they offered superior quality in both tactile feel and pressure sensitivity with minimal dexterity loss. But that’s the tradeoff you have to give for protection.

      In the end I think it comes down to user preference and they [gloves] are just another tool in the range bag to get the job done.

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