Gear Review: Exo Plate Carrier (XPC)

Manufacturer: Condor Outdoor – Tactical Gear


  • Heavyweight 1000 Cordura webbing over the entire vest for modular attachments
  • Internal sleeves for both soft armor and plate front and back
  • Adjustable/detachable cumerbund with pockets for soft armor
  • Emergency drag handle
  • Lightly padded mesh interior for comfort and airflow
  • Adjustable in girth and height
  • Detachable shoulder pads, with loop guide for radio or hydration tube
  • One front map pocket with snap, hook & loop closure
  • One back auxiliary pocket with hook & loop closure
  • Hook & Loop area in front and back

Thoughts: There are certainly a lot of choices in plate carriers on the market today. Their prices range from astronomical to practical, oft with the difference being in the quality of material and functionality. In the end the choice of a plate carrier has to come down to a personal choice between what you can afford, and what it is you want it to accomplish. The Condor XPC (featured in this review with additional kangaroo pouch and PMags) provides a financially reasonable plate carrier with solid quality materials.

Pros: The XPC is one of Condor’s leading plate carrier systems and its low-cost price point makes it an attractive alternative. The high-density corduroy makes its as durable as other high cost variants and still retains its lightweight profile. The ability of the XPC to fit both hard and soft body armor (taking into account variants in sizing) gives it added mission flexibility, plus the ability for side mounted armor plates. The extensive MOLLE webbing gives you a wide array of real estate by which to configure the XPC to whichever fashion best fits you.

Cons: One thing I noted, while taking the XPC on/off over multiple times is that the cumberbun had a tendency to drift so that it would eventually be off-center. This movement was resolved by taking 5-50 Para cord, and lacing the cumberbun at the rear of the XPC (via the MOLLE webbing) to provide an anchor. The same effect could be provided with other means, such as zip ties. One other thing was the feasibility of the shoulder padding with hydration stepping. If your running a hydration pouch then it serves a purpose, but if not then the tabs more or less are just hanging out there. Finally, the overall thickness of the material that provides for its added durability also hinders its breathability. You do a little run-n-gun in this plate carrier and you will quickly note most of your body heat is retained, thus when you remove the XPC at the end of the day expect a thick sweat line. Other higher-end manufacturers use a variety of materials to both lighten the weight and increase breathability of the vest and perhaps for the cost offset this is why the XPC has such thick and durable material.

Overall the XPC is a solid entry-level ballistic vest if you’re looking to make your way into the tactical gear world. The durability and flexibility are on par with other brands that are easily double the cost, however the thickness of the material hinders the breathability of the vest so expect to sweat some. With added pouches and other varieties of accessories the XPC is one of the better vests for the cost and is a no-brainer for a limited budget.


3 thoughts on “Gear Review: Exo Plate Carrier (XPC)

  1. I know this blog is a little over a year old, but that’s actually good because you’ve had more time to work out the kinks. I just picked one of these up and first impression is favorable, especially considered good the price point. Did you have any problems with the vest riding up under your arms? The cummerbund doesn’t seem to do much to prevent this from happening.

    • Overall I was pretty pleased with this plate carrier and didn’t experience many problems. I did initially have a similar problem with the cummerbund as you describe (often because it was offcenter), but by lacing the rear portion to the back with either paracord or shock cord that resolved the issue (see photos in review). Eventually I put this as a back up set, and graduated to a kit by First Spear.

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