Gear Review: Recon Chest Rig – Multicam

Manufacturer: Condor Outdoor – Tactical Gear


  • Genuine Crye Precision MultiCam Material
  • Chest rig comes with three built-in stacker/Kangaroo type magazine pouches; will hold six AR-15 style magazines and six full-sized pistol magazines
  • Two additional open-top magazine pouches (one on each side)
  • Swivel Lockster – Swivel Push-Button release buckle
  • Padded cross-back shoulder strap with webbing and D-ring
  • Additional mesh pocket on the back
  • One internal map pouch

Thoughts: Given its price point, the Recon Chest Rig is surprisingly effective at doing its job. It holds all six rifle and pistol magazines directly at the chest level making for a close workspace when conducting reload drills or whatever else you need. It will take some time when initially adjusting the straps for fit, as the straps come with sufficient length to accommodate up to an XXL body type.

Pros: The Condor Recon Chest Rig is designed mainly with built-in stacker/kangaroo style magazine pouches that accommodate six AR-15 style magazines and six pistol magazines, so the amount of ammo available to you is impressive. Additionally, the flaps on the pistol pouches are adjustable/removable and allow the user the flexibility to carry a knife or multi-tool in lieu of a magazine. There is also plenty of molle real estate on either side to allow for adding other accessories like dump pouches and aid kits (as seen in the image gallery but are not included with the Recon Chest Rig). Lastly the swivel locksters on either side are a great advantage as they allow for easy locking/unlocking but also give the added bonus of being flexible during movement unlike a standard buckle that tend to be bulky and unyielding.

Cons:  Remembering the Recon Chest Rig’s $34 price point, it does come with some drawbacks, however not in material but design. When worn, the two additional open-top magazine pouches on the sides are almost completely inaccessible given the tension on the material. You’ll be able to get a magazine in them when it’s off but certainly not when it’s worn. The same can be said for the internal mesh and map pouches on the inside. If your holding a rifle you have effectively one hand to open these and if you’re wearing the chest rig like your supposed to (addressed later in the article) then getting items in and out (especially under duress) will be extremely difficult. For the most part it’s just easier to forgo these or use the magazine pouches as a last resort thing.

Overall I like the Recon Chest Rig, given its affordable price it does what it needs to do – which is carry the gear you need to do the job. It’s not something your going to load up with 500 fully loaded magazines and carry a full kit with, but good enough to run through the range. The design is a little impractical but the availability for additional molle accessories offsets that by allowing you to add more magazine pouches or other accessories. Wearers should take note however to properly fit the chest rig before using it in the field as it takes some adjustment. I’ve seen a number of inexperienced shooters using a CHEST rig more as a belly band with everything flopping around by their stomach. The purpose of a chest rig is that it is up high, centered on your chest; so that your workspace is directly in front regardless of what else you’re wearing. Others complain that the Recon Chest Rig is only meant for larger framed individuals. This is because it’s not meant for the air soft community, teenagers playing “Army”, or kids. It is specifically designed to be worn over tactical clothing (to include bulky cold weather gear), body armor, or in conjunction with a hydration pack. When worn with any of those items it drastically changes the amount of available space needed to properly wear the chest rig and you’ll need the additional length. My recommendation is to fit the Recon Chest Rig in a setting that holds it tightly enough against your chest it won’t flop around, but loose enough that if you throw on a jacket you’re not going to have to take it all off and readjust everything.


One thought on “Gear Review: Recon Chest Rig – Multicam

  1. I use the Recon rig from Condor when I practice and teach courses. For the price point it is the best rig out there, and in the summer its cooler than a full carrier. You are spot on with your assessment. Great post!

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