Gear Review: MagLink Magazine Coupler

Manufacturer: Magul Dynamics


  • Fits second-generation PMAG 30 AR/M4 GEN M2 MOE and GEN M3 magazines*
  • Impact resistant polymer construction provides light weight and resists operational abuse
  • Wide-set, two-piece bolt on design resists flexing
  • Integral grooves interface with PMAG ribbing to eliminate slippage
  • Weight: 2.8 oz.

Thoughts: The MagLink was introduced in 2012 as a means of pairing up the initial magazine load-outs of the rifle. By linking the two initial magazines, you are able to rapidly transition between MAG 1 and MAG 2 without having to drop the empty one and draw a fresh magazine from your pouch. Realistically, the concept of a paired magazine for your M4 is great as the initial opening to your range or operations time, but unfortunately pouches really aren’t made to accommodate two magazines joined by a MagLink so having more than one set is difficult to keep them in anything aside from your dump pouch.

Pros: As stated, the MagLink enables for rapid transition between MAG 1 and 2. This is vital for competition or in engagements where those fraction-of-a-second can determine the winner and loser. As magazines often receive a disproportionate amount of abuse, the polymer of the MagLink ensures maximum longevity. Lastly, the MagLink enables you to link two 30-round magazines so you’ll have twice as many rounds ready with the rifle.

Cons: The MagLink is a simple and inexpensive add-on to your M4 load-out. However, putting one of these on two magazines presents several problems. Ensure that you offset MAG 1 and 2 where the right-side magazine is lower than the first to ensure that the rifle’s dust cover still has sufficient clearance to open. Secondly, mind your finger – when you snap up the paired magazine home, if your right finger is too far down on the rifle’s magazine well or resting on the bottom of the magazine release button, its possible that as you bring the paired magazines home you can pinch your index finger between the right-side magazine and the rifle.

Overall the MagLink is an inexpensive and useful addition, but only as one. It is beneficial to go into a situation with 60 rounds vice the standard 30 ready on your rifle and the speed that you can transition between magazines linked together is more noticeable than reaching into your kit. The material is the same as the rest of the MagPul line-up so its ensures to last a long time regardless of the abuse you throw at it.

*NOTE: The MagLink is NOT compatible with the first generation PMAG 30 (with Black follower), original equipment “PMAG 30 OE”, PMAG 20, or 7.62×51 PMAG 20LR. Also not optimized for the EMAG or PMAG 30G.


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