The Legend of the “Urban Rambo”

If this is how you see yourself at the gun range, you might be an “Urban Rambo”

So tonight while shooting at my local gun range, I had a spotting of the elusive “Urban Rambo”. Typically this species is seldom observed during the colder months, favoring the warmth and wireless Internet connections of coffee houses and their parent’s basement. However, the recent release of various first-person shooter games for both the XBox and PS4 have led them to again be falsely convinced that they too can be Super Special Forces Ranger Delta Force 1. In this instance the “Urban Rambo” was readily identified by their mixture of hipster Euro-cut clothing (specifically men’s skinny jeans), large 3” gauge ear piercings, and their continual high-pitched laughter reminiscent of a 10 year old…despite being in their mid-late 20’s. However, their more distinctive characteristic was the gross usage of a weapon to which they clearly had little skill or experience with. In this case, the misused weapon was a .308 semi-automatic rifle at a paper target 15’ from the shooting stall and blasting away in memoriam for their favorite movie character: John Rambo.

Now, I am not one to decry a person’s expression of their 2nd Amendment rights – far from it. However, it leads me to ponder just what the hell goes through the “Urban Rambo’s” mind when their blasting away with a high-caliber rifle at a target merely 15’ away? Moreover, idiot, do you not know the issues with ammunition right now? Their cost and availability has been extremely limited since early 2013 and here you are, clicking away on the giggle-switch as if you’re mowing down the North Vietnamese Army yourself. And given this is an indoor range; sound isn’t escaping, just bouncing around on the cinderblock walls and steel backstop.

You really have no concept of accuracy do you?

You really have no concept of accuracy do you?

So there you are, blasting away at about $1.75 a round, across multiple lanes into other targets, just in an attempt to look cool when in fact your just illustrating to everyone else on the firing line that you lack the maturity, skill, and experience to the weapon you own (because not surprisingly, your shot group was all over and outside the full-sized silhouette). Perhaps you would do best to get formalized training at any number of schools and work on becoming a master of that weapon and appreciate it for the tool it is, rather than an “Urban Rambo” attempting to live out their Call of Duty high-score mission. Just a thought, because I too own a .308 – but frankly I consider any target less than 100m a waste of ammo as my zero holds out to 300m and only needs to be revalidated annually. Which is why I utilize other long-range venues for that specific caliber.

So really “Urban Rambo” just what the hell goes through your mind?


3 thoughts on “The Legend of the “Urban Rambo”

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